Life List

I am constantly growing, so is my life list. I take this list seriously because I choose to live without regrets. I also don’t take it too seriously because the sheer joy of life is not dependent on crossing items off a list   🙂

  1. Live sustainably as a nomad
  2. Have multiple passive income streams
  3. Serve in Gandhi Ashram
  4. Build a retreat center
  5. Do a ten-day silent Vipassana meditation course (2017.6 in Malaysia)
  6. Learn Konnakol
  7. Learn to sail a sailboat
  8. Learn to juggle
  9. Learn to draw and paint
  10. Paint a mural
  11. Learn to drive an airplane
  12. Skydive (2015.6)
  13. Travel in Tibet
  14. Travel on the ancient Silk Road
  15. Travel across China
  16. Travel in a mobile tiny house
  17. Live by a sea
  18. Live in a mountain
  19. Live in a vegetarian city
  20. Live in Bahia, Brazil
  21. Live in an eco-village
  22. Camp in a desert
  23. Do a bike tour (2016.3.7-, California)
  24. Bike around Taiwan
  25. Bike around Europe
  26. Bike from San Francisco to Alaska
  27. Walk Camino de Santiago
  28. Hitchhike across a country
  29. Write a song
  30. Write a book
  31. Perform in the street
  32. Perform spoken words (a few times in Chiang Mai already, keep doing it!)
  33. Hug a penguin
  34. Read Rumi’s poems in Persian
  35. Drive a race car
  36. Give a Global Ted Talk
  37. Go to Awesomeness Fest
  38. See the glow worms in ice caves
  39. See Northern Lights
  40. Speak >= 10 languages
    1. 中文 Mandarin Chinese (Fluent)
    2. English (Fluent)
    3. Português Portuguese (Brazil) (Conversational, waiting for a boost in Brazil)
    4. Español Spanish (Basic, waiting for a boost in Latin America)
    5. Thai
    6. Dutch or German
    7. हिन्दी Hindi
    8.  عَرَبِيّ Arabic
    9. 白话 Cantonese
    10. संस्कृत Sanskrit (be able to read)
    11. More?
  41. Live on all seven continents (for more than 6 months)
    1. Asia (up until 2010)
    2. North America (2011-2016)
    3. South America
    4. Europe
    5. Africa
    6. Australia
    7. Antarctic
  42. let life surprise me!