Soul Bath in Big Sur

As Ayahuasca turned my relationship with the nature much more intimate, the scenic ride into Big Sur became a soul bath.

No wonder some people say that this is where the hippie movement started before its peak in San Francisco, everything is so alive in Big Sur. Every tree talks, every flower smiles, the wind whistles, the sea dances, even the fog remains playful in its hide-and-seek game.
The giant redwood trees were just seeds a thousand years ago, but now they’re soaring 350 ft into the sky. I pitched my tiny tent under these soft giants and fell asleep to their silence like a kid falling asleep to the grandma’s lullaby.


Among the many things I googled in preparation for my first bike tour, I forgot one thing: how to set up a campfire. As a result, my first campfire lasted 20 minutes and burned 0.25 log . I left the whole bundle in the storage box and wrote a note to the next hiker/biker. I hope the wood kept someone warm for a night or two 🙂


These 100 miles between Cambria and Monterey are the most challenging and the most rewarding stretch in my entire bike tour. The elevation gain and loss both totaled more than 8000 feet (2438 meters) in 4 days. Before I started, I almost panicked at the thought of riding it through against the head wind with a heavily loaded bike. But things weren’t so bad once I got into it. Sometimes the road ahead seems impassably steep from afar, but the closer I get the less steep it seems. And when I finally start to feel the muscles getting tense, the hill is already small enough for me to manage.


Just like many things in life, it is always the ones who are the furthest from it fear the most. The people who have called me crazy are the ones who barely travel or cycle, and the fellow touring cyclists or nomads simply cheered for me for doing it solo and helped me whenever possible. Now many things still seem scary to me, but at least I know they’re just seemingly steep hills because I am observing afar, and there are as many ways to get close as there are stars in the sky.

Finally, enjoy Big Sur, but don’t come in a car if your physical conditions allow, you’ll miss so much 🙂

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