Broken Spoke to Shamanic Circle

In my last update, I got a broken spoke while biking into Big Sur. I hitchhiked 15 miles backward to the only bike shop in the nearest town Cambria.

By the time I finished fixing the bike, I had biked 40 miles against the brutal head wind and camped for three nights without a shower, so I decided to take a good rest in Cambria. The volunteer at the bike shop directed me to a lovely hostel, Bridge Street Inn.

Soon after I arrived, I started chatting with the staff there. As fellow nomads on similar spiritual journeys, we connected instantly and felt like we’d know each other before. As the conversation deepened, I learned that she has been on a beautiful journey with Ayahuasca for five years and was heading to LA to help conduct ceremonies.

For me there’s no such thing as a bucket list, there’s only a looooong to-do list. Ayahuasca had been sitting on that to-do list for more than a year. There had been some opportunities before my departure from Detroit, but it never felt like the right time. But this time, I felt ready. The next day, I left the bike and most of the stuff at the hostel and hopped into the car en route to LA.

The four-day-long retreat was my first formal introduction to Ayahuasca. I will spare you the details here as everyone has a unique experience with this mystical plant teacher. I met some illuminating human beings living their life in tune with the planets and nature. Their journey is what I had only read in books. As a teenager, I used to fancy the stories of monks and hermits living in the traditional Chinese metaphysical realm. Never had I thought I would one day have any real encounters, albeit not Chinese.

Ayahuasca has deepened my understanding of the purpose of this life. It is so gentle like a dew resting upon my fingertip, yet so powerful that a single drop has the secrets of the entire ocean. My friend, I encourage you to take the opportunity when it comes your way.

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